About Us

Infinite Ability on a Finite Planet®

Renaissance® specializes in:

  • Multi-disciplined Engineering Design
  • Automation & Control Systems Integration
  • Safety Integrity Design
  • Project Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Industrial Software Engineering & Development
  • Technical Recruitment and Consulting

We provide design, documentation, programming, and construction management services to a variety of Fortune companies. With offices located around the world, we provide the required continuity for international projects, such as providing resources to your projects worldwide.
The company is continually expanding its capabilities in new technologies in order to meet the demands of our clients. Our technical expertise allows us to be flexible and to adapt to our clients design philosophy. Renaissance has extensive design and construction experience utilizing Foxboro, Honeywell, Fisher-Rosemount, and Yokogawa control systems. In addition, we design client specific; engineering design, work flow, ERP, materials management, and documentation software systems.

Our Mission:

Renaissance's mission is to develop and maintain clients by a commitment to serving the client's high technology engineering needs, and values with integrity, team effort, and innovative management which results in:

  • Excellence In Engineering
  • Lowest Manpower Required For Quality
  • Faster Turnarounds
  • Within Budget And On Schedule Projects
  • Non-Adversarial Relationships
  • Excellence In Client Communications
  • Objective Problem Solving
  • Mutual Economic Gain With Fewer Errors
  • Mutual Professional Growth
  • Infinite Ability On A Finite Planet®