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Enterprise Management

Renaissance® provides a variety of Information Technology services. From specialty application development to standard data entry systems, we are ready to meet your needs both on-shore and off-shore. We can take your paper documents and process them into an electronic system off-shore to reduce your costs of doing business.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Cost
  • 24 hour work schedule

Renaissance® is a Microsoft Universal developer specialized in developing Windows NT applications in ‘C’ & ‘C++’. We have extensive experience with SQL and RDBMS systems such as SQL Server and Oracle. We can provide specialty resources to assist with custom enterprise applications, Off-shore data security archiving, & Off-shore on-line data resources. Renaissance® can also provide SAP/R3 programming resources to compliment your staff.


Software Engineering: Programming And Product Development
If a desired application or system is not currently available, we can utilize our RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES® software to design and create a Company specific application for your needs. Each application comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for accuracy and design fulfillment.
Work Flow Analysis
For those wishing to automate their corporate work flow, RENAISSANCE® will assist you in making systems engineering decisions to:
  • Develop the Optimum Functional Design Specification
  • Implement The Bid & Analysis Procedure
  • Select The Appropriate System
  • Install, Configure, And Populate The System
  • Maintain & Support The System
Technical Personnel

Renaissance® can provide technical personnel from various developing nations. We are experienced in off-shore recruiting and can provide a cost effective method of recruiting foreign nationals. We will advertise, interview, and screen candidates to meet your companies' requirements at no risk to you. Only qualified candidates resumes will be submitted for your review. If your work is for a short period of time we can provide personnel on a contract basis to further reduce your costs.
  • Project Management
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • CADD & Database Technicians
  • C++ & C Programmers
  • SAP Programmers
  • Oracle / SQL Server / Sybase / PowerBuilder Programmers
  • Other Skilled Workers
  • Non-Technical Workers

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Recruitment Costs
  • Obtain Dedicated & Loyal Workers
  • Reduce Corporate Overheads

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