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The Future of Industrial Plant Engineering and Maintenance ...


Iconium® is an enterprise engineering and maintenance information system that is engineered specifically for your business. This system is engineered for the high demands of large scale engineering and maintenance activities found in today's industrial environments. It delivers high value, coherent data flow, and knowledge to the user. Designed to work with existing IT installations, Iconium® can integrate data from standard large scale corporate systems such as relational databases, legacy systems, and even spreadsheets into a consolidated and analytical environment for users to make more informed business decisions. The system is based on the client/server model and is written in the object oriented programming language Visual C++.

Iconium® facilitates the integration of all the engineering disciplines and maintenance groups by providing a corporate work flow environment that has living documents. This system manages and creates documents that are inter-discipline related and encapsulates relational data. Iconium® documents are not scanned images. Each Iconium® document form has its own relational database sub-system that maintains and drives all the data. The system does not require extensive data input or any re-typing of information. Since all the data resides in a complex array of relational systems, the end users of the product are always working on the latest information, and make data selection's 90% of the time rather than entering data that already exists. The data that is entered can have restrictions on it such as valid values allowed, access rights, and modification privileges. These restrictions and privileges are maintained through the comprehensive security system built into the product.

Iconium® provides a mechanism for automating an entire corporation, not just the engineering and maintenance groups. Only your company specific documents need to be data normalized by our engineers. Security, data engines, query and reporting tools, and dialog designers are already integrated within Iconium®, making the implementation of your business processes straight forward. These tools integrate your company's methodology of business into an easy to use interface that has the ability to drive billions of individual data segments. The powerful technology that is the sub-structure for providing this type of data array is known as Renaissance Technologies®.

Renaissance has completed a business model for engineering and maintenance that can be purchased as a complete system or be used as a base model for migrating your corporate information to the electronic era. This implementation model allows us to functionally demonstrate the hierarchy of the enterprise application, and show prospective clients how business can work more efficiently. The system provides a unique insight to what the future holds in the area of corporate work integration technology.

Iconium® provides a method of interactively linking to other corporate applications such as SAP. If you are looking for a way to merge and link all the corporate enterprise data for the value of your company, then Iconium® is the solution.

Corporate Partners

Those who wish to implement this value engineered technology are kindly asked to contact us to discuss a product demonstration. We have made a significant investment in this product and we are confident that it will add value to your business. If your company is looking for innovative and productive ways of implementing computer technology over the enterprise, then Iconium® may provide the integrated solution you require.
Key Benefits
  • Prevent Catastrophic Loss Of Business Systems And Information
  • Assist In Compliance With ISO, OSHA, EPA, FDA, And Other Organizations
  • Increase Employee Productivity By 20%+
  • Standard Enterprise System For the Industry
  • Reduced In-house Development Costs For Corporate Specific Needs
  • Professionally Developed Software Product
  • Reduce The Burden On In-house Personnel For Product Support
  • Engineering and Maintenance Data Warehousing

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