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THE WIRING SYSTEM MODULE provides a method to track instrument wiring from the field to the control room. It reduces engineering costs by assisting in loading equipment such as junction boxes, marshalling racks, interlocks, DCSs, and PLCs. The Wiring System data is linked to the Drawing System module to automatically produce instrument loop, junction box, auxiliary junction box, marshalling rack and interlock CAD drawings. The system is so simple and user friendly that the engineering data can be entered by a clerk. The graphical edit screens allow engineers to make revisions quickly and reduce errors that are made by poor communication and timing between engineers and CADD personnel. Revised drawings can be printed in a matter of minutes!

Many wiring reports are available including: Loop Drawing Wiring Report, Junction Box Wiring Report, Marshalling Rack Wiring Report, Interlock Wiring and I/O Report, and DCS I/O Wiring report. Versions are available which allow users to add new reports and customize existing reports. In many cases these reports can be used as an alternative to a termination drawings. Most of our customers have found these reports to be so comprehensive that they use them instead of the termination drawings. This is a tremendous area for cost savings and maintaining better as-built control.

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