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The Renaissance System® For Instrument Engineering
Instrumentation Index  
THE COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUMENT Index tracks over 1000 characteristics for each instrument tag. The system provides all the engineering data at your fingertips and allows you to make intelligent decisions in a timely manner. The instrument definition data area contains a listing of all instrument technologies currently available. This definition links the instrument tag to a pre-defined instrument specification sheet. The definition also provides a budget estimate for material as well as engineering and maintenance labor. This enables an engineer to quickly provide a budget estimate for any size project, and modify the details as required.

The system allows multiple projects or indexes and tracks all related P&ID, electrical, piping, and calibration data associated with each instrument tag. It also tracks all related engineering drawings associated with each tag. The Import/Export function allows data to be transferred to and from popular databases. This provides flexibility and allows an easy transition from existing database indexes.

The system maintains a comprehensive history file which tracks all changes made to the system. This feature fulfills the requirements of OSHA 1910.119 PSM and allows engineers to quickly retrieve historical data.

Many standard reports are available to provide instrument data including a Master Instrument Report, Instrument Requisition Report, Engineering Estimates, DCS I/O Count, etc..

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