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Drawing System

THE DRAWING SYSTEM MODULE LINKS data from the Instrument Index and Wiring modules to automatically generate CADD drawings. The module is an integral part of the RENAISSANCE SYSTEM® and does not require a CAD package to run in the background. These drawings are compatible with popular CADD programs such as AutoCAD and Intergraph. The system dramatically reduces engineering costs by creating a finished drawing in seconds with the up to date database details. It puts the engineering data back in the engineer’s control. The system provides over 100 Instrument Loop, Auxiliary Junction Box, Junction Box, Marshalling Rack, and Interlock drawings which cover most users’ needs. It provides the flexibility to add new drawings and edit existing ones using AutoCAD or Microstation.

The system provides the ability to view and print all CADD drawings. It also provides the ability to print out incomplete drawings that can be "red-lined" in the field to facilitate "as-built" projects. This is very useful for gathering data during a plant walk down.

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Junction Box Drawing

Loop Diagram
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