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Calibration System

THE CALIBRATION SYSTEM MODULE manages calibration information to meet ISO-9000 standards and OSHA Process Safety Management requirements. It brings the information from engineering, construction, and maintenance into a centralized system.

Information tracked by the system includes the calibration procedure, manufacturer’s specifications, and related engineering documents as well as master calibrator data, as-found and as-left data, and maintenance history from the maintenance department.

Statistical quality control charts can be produced by the system to diagnose problems. The system will chart any group of tags or loops related to equipment or instrumentation. These charts can be compared to focus in on the problem instruments within a loop. They can be used to statistically determined the capability of the loop and the optimum calibration frequencies to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

The system can be used to schedule maintenance and print scheduling reports for all instruments due for calibration. Reports available include calibration sheets and scheduling reports. Versions are available which allow users to generate new and customize existing reports.

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