The Renaissance System® for Instrumentation Engineering
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The Renaissance System® For Instrument Engineering



Developed and refined over years of application in industry, it is now available to help you meet OSHA’s Process Safety Management deadlines. The system is field proven by end users and is continually being enhanced to meet the changing demands of our users. In addition it has undergone and passed an actual OSHA PSM audit after the occurrence of a major plant incident. Being a multi-user client/server system, any client terminal can access the massive repository of engineering and maintenance data that is only entered once. Access is controlled through a comprehensive user definable security system that allows users of the system to have a ‘read-only, ‘read/write, or ‘print only’ configuration. Independent of the security system, data integrity is maintained by simultaneously archiving transactions through a built-in historical data tracker that will record all activities that modify data in the relational databases. This creates an un-alterable audit trail for validation. The basic engineering and maintenance capabilities are: instrument tag index, specifications, loop and termination drawings, calibration, estimating, control system I/O loading, and extensive reporting. Due to the multitude of data in the system, various groups such as maintenance and engineering can coincide without duplicating efforts, or maintaining redundant information. Maintenance can access their data, and likewise engineering can do the same. Overlap is eliminated through the use of the client/server relational databases.

The system provides design tools that can reduce engineering costs by 40% or more while producing documentation to simplify compliance with OSHA 1910.119 requirements and meet ISO-9000 standards. It makes more sense to engineer with OSHA in mind, rather than fix it after implementation. With this powerful tool an engineer can design an instrumentation and control system retrofit, turnkey project, and maintain existing plant instrument data. It will automatically produce termination and loop drawings in (DWG) format without AutoCAD being required.

OSHA’s new guidelines on PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENT (PSM) documentation and timing compliance are becoming an increasing burden on plant staff and personnel. In order to alleviate this burden of hiring additional staff, THE RENAISSANCE SYSTEM® will provide engineering documents to meet instrument engineering design and OSHA’s PSM requirements. The individual engineer can easily accomplish all tasks currently requiring support. It is so simple and user friendly that an engineer can supervise a clerk in organizing all the instrument data and have it entered into the system to form a living set of the documents that is current for the scrutiny of OSHA and ISO. By entering data only once, all the documents are automatically produced with an unprecedented degree of data integrity.

The calibration system module provides a method to meet ISO-9000 standards and OSHA PSM requirements. The module includes a scheduling system, calculates "as found" and "as left" errors, generates calibration sheets, and maintains standard calibrator information. Loop and tag analysis are performed to pin point problem instruments within a loop. This eliminates the need to calibrate devices in a loop that are not out of calibration, but cannot be determined through conventional methods. The system is state of the art Windows technology, which provides exceptional graphics capability. Links to hand held calibrator data files can be made for importing and exporting of data.

This is by far the most comprehensive and useful engineering and maintenance system available. With THE RENAISSANCE SYSTEM® you now have a solution to the increasing demand of higher productivity out of fewer personnel.

Key Benefits
  • On-line living documentation
  • Centralized and Secure Data Repository
  • Eliminates 80% of CADD man hours
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The Renaissance System®
For Instrument Engineering
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